For me, love has always had different connotations – love for religion and a Greater Being, between a parent and a child, between friends, for a pet, for education and many other forms have always meant different things. All about love book did not change anything for me.

This love I saw and understood and could relate to, what I never could (possibly never will) is intimate love. People from different walks of life have tried to explain it to me but either I couldn’t or I wouldn’t grasp the concept of it.

So that is why when I happened upon ALL ABOUT LOVE BY BELL HOOKS, I jumped onto the book in the hope that Mz hook would explain in in her usual clear and concise ‘voice’. But i guess not as i did not truly get immersed as i had imagined.

I loved the fact that hooks used religion and fact to try get her point across. Sadly, I tried reading this book twice and eventually decided to skim through it and try get the gist of it this way.

The book is about how you should re-look at love, giving her own personal anecdotes to carry the book along I found that this may have been an uphill climb even for bell hooks. I found my mind getting lost as the book wended its way from page to page.

Overall this book was a letdown for me in so many ways. After reading I was no closer to being enlightened and all it left was a sense of unease and mirth at what or how this great feeling can be can be looked at. I did not quite understand how it feels or may feel to be loved. I had high hopes of truly understanding this great feeling referred to as love. Grab your copy of this book on Amazon and enjoy the read.
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