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I must say that at this point I shall start to call 50 Cent Midas. Why you ask? Because it seems that everything he touches, turns to gold. He is such a talent.
BABY BROTHER is in deed one good book that I would read all over again.

Baby Brother is one of those books that I left on my to-read pile for months. Every time I saw it while perusing my bookshelf, I ignored it because I was always after a more ‘meatier’ book.

Baby Brother is a rather slim read and I wanted to read something longer than the half hour I believed it would take me to read this book. I guess luck was on my side as I just could not get any other book to read at that moment.

3 seconds after I cracked open Baby brother book, I was hooked. I must admit (bashfully) that I have never before read a Noire book before, I have read several reviews that Noire is erotica at its best but since I have never come across one I did not know what to expect.

In this 157-page cracker of a read all I can say is “wow”! The author compensates for the short read in a way I have never before read. All the characters in this read were well and truly mapped out, each one of them came up to you glock smoking to dap you as the story made its way down one street and up another.

Baby Brother is about promises and the lengths a family will go to keep those promises, the streets will do to keep it real and true love. Baby Brother Zabu is only 19 but his outlook on life was way, way older and wiser, his love so deep and real.

I would say that this was one of the realest books I have read in a long time.
Please read the rest of the books in this series, I know I will. Another great review here >>>> STEP

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