Biographies, autobiographies and memoirs, have a common similarity. They tell us about the times and lives of people. A book idea believes in this.

Well, all of us have a story to tell may it be a very nice one or a very bad one. All in all, there are thousands of biographies if not millions and many more coming.

Biographies [a book idea]

We identify with some personalities in life and thus the urge to read about their lives achievements, successes, failures and the like.

Most of these books have a compelling story to tell and honestly we tend to keep them in our libraries for posterity.Here are some BEST BIOGRAPHY SELLERS

They cover almost all aspects of humanity. Sports personalities, civil rights personalities, politicians, scientists, inventors and any other aspect of humanity that one could think of.


Some of my all time favorites are.

1. Obama
2. Princess Diana
3. Nelson Mandela
4. Martin luther king
5. Malcolm x

Abookidea shall offer the best of this category.

Jomo Kenyatta
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