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Cinnamon Kiss; Book 10 in the Easy Rawlins series by author Walter mosley

Gosh! Easy Rawlins, Author Walter Mosley has a super power – that power is the words he writes, they flow from the page changing and getting deeper meanings in the blink of an eye, like fluid poetry.Easy Rawlins in this novel has to face inward as he realizes his woman, Bonnie is cheating on him, his adopted daughter Feather is seriously ill and his other child Jesus is dating an older woman who once dated Mouse.

Easy Rawlins is forced to go on an extended leave from his job as a janitor, as he looks around for money to pay for Feather’s expensive treatment in Switzerland. Two job offers come up from his friends, one from Mouse that involves the robbery of an armored car, and the other from Saul, that sounds easier – find a missing person.

Saul asks Easy Rawlins To help with a job that seems straightforward. Agreeing to take the job after meeting Saul’s elusive employer, Easy set out to first find the lawyer Alex Bowers, who stole a briefcase with some very important papers in it, as he searches Alex’s home he comes across some papers talking about the second world war and the decomposing body of Mr. Bowers.

After this morbid finds Easy does not have any hope of finding Philomena ‘Cinnamon’ Cargill alive. As his search for her deepens, Easy will have to wade through some murky waters to get to the bottom of this case.

Cinnamon Kiss, again gives us a look at the world surrounding Easy Rawlins shortly after the race riots, how they will shape people’s lives, then and in the future, his voice is clear and enlightens us to a side of life that only a select group have gone through. Also in this book, we meet an introspective Mouse and as ever we see how love and respect can shape a friendship.

As always, reading a Walter Mosley book, leaves you yearning for the next and since in Cinnamon Kiss we have been introduced to Christmas Black and his adopted daughter Easter Dawn Black, I look forward to watching their lives unfold and merge with Easy. Read another Walter Mosley book here
Walkin’ the dog More reviews on this series coming soon. Grab your copy Of Cinnamon Kiss from Amazon and do truly enjoy the book.

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