Kenya elections 2017
Kenya elections

The much anticipated Kenya elections 2017 got underway on 8/8/2017  at 6:00 am local time in most polling stations across the country. There were a total of 40883 polling station’s each required to handle a maximum number  of 700 voters.

The most watched and anticipated seat in the Kenya elections 2017 was the presidential position which attracted a total of 8 candidates. The incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta, Former prime minister Raila Odinga, Former cabinet minister Joseph Nyaga, Former presidential hopeful Mohamed abduba dida, Former constitutional expert  John Ekuru Longoggy Aukot , Scholar and Dean in the USA Japheth Kavinga Kaluyu, Former member of parliament  Shakhalaga Khwa Jirongo and last but not least PHD holder Michael Wainaina Mwaura.

There were no major hitches and the queueing  began as early as 2:00 am mostly in the urban areas. The elections were to kick off 4 hours later though.  The most peculiar thing about  the Kenyan elections 2017 is that  EVID {electronic voter identification devices}  worked perfectly well; unlike in 2013  when there was a massive failure of the devices.

The Kenya elections 2017 went pretty well throughout  the day; though some pockets started voting late due to adverse weather conditions and insecurity.  The two were Turkana affected by the former and Laikipia by the latter. There were long queues and turnout was impressive. Voting; went on peacefully  transparently  and in an orderly manner.

The security at the polling stations was good enough and there were party agents and observers from different organizations both local and foreign.  The voting came to an end at 5:00 pm local time in polling stations that opened at the stipulated time of 6:00 am. And was to extend in the polling stations that opened late.

Most of the voters went back to their  places satisfied and looking forward to a peaceful process of vote counting, tallying, transmission and results announcement. All these processes are underway and almost done with. According to the polling body the provisional presidential tally as received from the polling stations is 2017 Kenya Elections Provisional results

The election process has finally ended and the incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta has retained the presidency having attained over 8 million votes and his closest challenger and former prime minister Raila Odinga garnering more than 6 million votes. This has sparked celebrations in their stronghold but so far no violence has been reported.

The president elect has congratulated his supporters, Family, security forces, Electoral body and more significantly God. He has extended an olive branch to his main opponent Raila Odinga and his supporters to join him and build the nation together. Read Kenya: A History Since Independence book and also Kenya: Between Hope and Despair, 1963-2011 books and learn more about this wonderful country’s history and politics.

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