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Once upon a time, we were kids. In fact, we were one day old at one time and grew to see our first birthday. May God bless the parents who have lost their kids and shower them His grace and peace. Children, are in deed a gift from God. They are treasures that need to be taken care of and guided in the right way.

Over the years, we celebrated our subsequent birthdays and we were at one stage teens. At this stage, we thought we knew it all and had some good and bad friends. This is the period where we curved our identity and true personality.

On the flip side, some of us are having children, teens, expecting children or have graduated or expecting to graduate from childhood into teenagers. Some parents are here as well as they see their sons and daughters getting to this important phase of their lives.

As parents and guardians, we have an obligation to bring up responsible, and whole made human beings. By whole i mean spiritually, physically and mentally. Any parent or guardian’s dream is to have the best children in the world.

With the world changing so fast and with all aspects that come into play when rearing kids being distorted, there is need to seek for alternative methods or solutions of bringing up our children. As they say, “youth are the future” then, there is need to bring up whole persons to take care of future societies and generations.

One of the best ways to do this, is to give our young ones knowledge. Knowledge is gained from books to a larger percentage as is wisdom and morals gained from upbringing on the other hand. Well, we have millions of books, movies and children material available that if utilized properly can help us a great deal in how we up-bring our future generation.

Towards this end, and with the extensive knowledge i have on books, i shall dedicate myself to help you with reviews and what i think is suitable for different age groups. Off course i am not perfect and do not know it all so, if you have any input, you are welcome to suggest via email or comments.

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