I was given walkin’ the dog book by a friend of mine who knows how much I love Walter Mosley. I did not know that it was part of a series (then) so, I dug in my heels and rushed off to meet Socrates Fortlow.

His unnerving stare slowed down my mad rush and slowly as I turned the pages I got to meet this angry giant with a heart of gold.

Socrates Fortlow is nearing 60, a killer with death in his stare and anger boiling much in his blood. As Walter Mosley narrates in walkin’ the dog, he has paid for his sins in an Indiana jail that saw him spend twenty-seven years of his life in a tiny cell.

Working as a box boy at a supermarket, a job that pays minimum wage but is able to sustain him and his dog. Killer is a space between two buildings that he has not paid rent for in nine years.

Socrates may be a killer but he still has enough heart to care for a dog that was ran over by a car, honor the dying wishes of a jail mate and give a friend ravaged by cancer a last outing. All this, he does with the anger still burning away in his chest, showing that although he may be flawed he still has moments just like everybody does to do the right thing and also to question.

He gets to hear of a dirty cop who not only rapes women than intimidates them but also kills with impunity and no fear of reprisal. What Socrates Fortlow does to bring this to everybody’s attention is epic.

Once again in Walking the Dog, Mr. Mosley has brought our attention to topics that are only whispered about. He has brought to the light what physical imprisonment and also mental imprisonment does to both man and boy, the destruction and degradation it wreaks. A common thread that unites Mr. Mosley’s books is the way most of the character’s hear voices from relatives sort of a guiding/helping hand to understand things.

Walkin’ the dog is book two in this amazing trilogy.
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