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About Us

Happy to have you on board. Abookidea was established in the year 2017. The idea was born out of love for books.

So, one afternoon when congregating for our monthly book club session, a friend asked members, – “which book ideas do you guys have”

There and then, Abookidea was born. Anna ( one of the present members) made this happen.. How you may ask!

She quipped, “All of us must have at least a book idea when we come for the book club meetings” as they say, the rest is history.

In April of 2017, this blog was born, and by September of the same year, this blog was fully operational and firmly established.

The Journey

As with any journey, there has been many hills to climb. At one time the blog was deleted due to lack of funds to run it.

The book club also had issues and disbanded at one time. In addition, members got busy and running the blog became very complex.

However, in 2019, members came together again and since then, we have not looked back at all.

Book reviews and book lists are the main agenda of this blog. Furthermore, links to online shops have been availed.

In short, this is a one stop shop – You will read the reviews or blurbs and get to click on a link and purchase the books you need at a great discount.


Our mission is to keep you well informed and abreast on anything books related via our detailed reviews and lists.


Our vision is to be the best online bookshop globally.

Contact us

Kindly shoot us an email at info@abookidea.com or abookidea17@gmail.com

Read more on the precise and substantial products we have on offer here.

A Book Idea: A page a day, a brilliant brain every day.