Joplin's Ghost
Joplin's Ghost by Tananarive Due

As an avid reader, I get my author inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, I’ll eavesdrop on people’s conversations in the bookshops, write down authors and the names of the books from magazines and even from other books. I found out about Tananarive Due from Essence Magazine in the early 90’s. The first book I read of hers in 2007. Having read Steven King and Dean Koontz I wasn’t really into the whole horror novel thing, but Ms. Due put a whole ‘nother twist to the ghost story on Joplin’s ghost book.

I pounced on Joplin’s Ghost book when I saw it on first instance and almost did a Mr. Bean and grin inanely as a passersby at how proud I finally felt at owning her book. Since then I now own a few of her books but my pride at getting a new one, is no more lessened.

Joplin’s Ghost was what got my attention as I looked at the books on the bookshelf. As we all know Janis Joplin, I wondered what story this new book would have hidden within its pages. It turned out that yes this particular Joplin was also a musician – an actual Jazz musician called Scott Joplin to be exact. In my world any book that introduces me to something new be it another author, a movie, a song or a musician is to me a two-for-one offer. Partly historic, partly contemporary adult drama as difficult as it is to categorize the book itself was lovely.

Enter Phoenix Smalls a young R&B singer seemed destined for fame and fortune. When she was years old, she was nearly crushed to death by a piano at her parents’ jazz club. During a chance visit to a historical site in St. Louis, she starts to have strange encounters with a spirit of non-other than King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin.

What follows is a race of her life as this ghost tries to live through her while she just wants her music to be heard. Will Joplin’s ghost succeed in taking over her entirely dooming her to re-live his tragic past or will she have the strength to live her own life the way she deems fit?

This was a page turner and a keeper in my opinion. Ms. T. Due, an author to watch. I recommend it to you all and also The Aphrodite books as we keep watching what she has on offer in the near future or coming days. For me this is a 4* and you?
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Joplin's ghost
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