The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is one book that you should add to your bucket list before the end of this year.

Wow, just wow. Sorry (not sorry) to sound cliched but the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho really did come at a much-needed and welcome time in my life.

The first time I read this book years ago, I didn’t get past page three as I was looking for a more fast-paced book.

In addition, I wasn’t in the mind frame to slow down and ‘feel’ or even see the message. Well, I was damn wrong.

Fast forward to years later I sat down and read the first page and I was transported to a place that I hadn’t been in a really long time.

The Alchemist is a peaceful book, a giving book it’s almost like the king in the book (spoiler alert!) stepped out from the pages and engaged you in deep meaningful conversation.

The story unfolds when we meet a young shepherd tending his flock and well, his flock is not just ordinary sheep.

To the boy, they are friends, teachers and a source of livelihood. Indeed, the love and the bond is quite strong as the author narrates in this amazing story.

The lessons the boy learns as he embarks on a journey to seek his destiny, are a stepping stone to the ones he will learn in the coming days and years to come.

Eventually, the boy learns that sometimes you have to travel far to find your way back home.


Paulo Coelho has crafted a classic that will be enjoyed, retold and gifted to friends, family, and colleagues for eternity.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a simple story with a deeply powerful message that transcends borders and cultures.

A truly satisfying read that can be read in an hour or less but the words remain with you even after you turn the last page.

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